Current Management

Carolyn Eberhart, Executive Administrator

Josh Fidler, Farm Manager

Board of Directors

Jennyrae Brongo, Board President & Founder

  • A sister to autism and the founder of Homesteads for Hope she was tired of waiting for the supports and services she needed for her brother and her family. After her father’s unexpected death becoming head of the household she took control and got into the driver’s seat. She is an ambitious entrepreneur, women in construction being sole owner of a Gravel Pit business and is an active member in her community. She received a B.S from Alfred State in Construction Management Engineering graduating in 2011, receiving the first Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2015. She created a partnership with her local career and technical school and donates her land for the school to operate a course she had once taken: the Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance program. She participates in their advisory council, providing internships and summer employment to students. She is an active member of the local chapter of NAWIC; National Association of Women in Construction and an advocating member of the Coalition of Community Choice that supports initiatives for the long term care for the I/D disabled. Ms. Brongo in just 4 short years sitting in the driver’s seat and has built a strong professional network that she utilizes for the good of the people and is not afraid to get her hands dirty for the causes she believes in. She founded Homesteads for Hope not lightly but strategically as all her endeavors can come together to create this opportunity and a sustainable future for her greater community.

Luann Brown, Board Member & Co-Founder

  • A fulltime mother to autism, and co-founder of Homesteads for Hope she brings 26 years of hard earned experience being isolated with her now adult, nonverbal, self-injurious behavioral son. She tirelessly is searching for help- a more desperate cry than just needing supports and services which are rare and not person centered. Her experience is crucial to the success of meaningful, efficient operation of the organization as she has the hands on experience to deal with the tough situations and the mothers love to get the job done right- the first time. Luann has been on board and is the Volunteer Farm School Director for the past 2 years.

Olena Lylak, Board Vice President 

  • A professional and mother to a daughter with significant developmental disabilities, she brings an outstanding amount of experience to the organization. She holds a Master’s in Education for Curriculum Development, Individualized Instruction and a Post Graduate Certification in School District Administration.  She has worked in schools and education for 40 years with student’s grades 7-12 and refugees and migrant populations teaching history and English as a second language. She has worked both here in the states and abroad. She held position as School Principal for two local Rochester schools and sat on many committees, boards and still continues to teach workshops and writes grants for nonprofits. Currently she is an Independent Broker for OPWDD; Office for People with Developmental Disabilities waiver services providing person centered planning for those with intellectual & developmental disabilities. She even has experience owning and operating a flower shop so she could provide her daughter and others with needs a meaningful work opportunity. Mrs. Lylak brings a strong foundation for Homesteads for Hope, sitting on the board for 2 years and will be directing the grant writing and curriculum development for programs.

Michelle Sutherland, Board Member

  • Michelle’s work as a voice for those with developmental challenges began shortly following her youngest son’s diagnosis with autism in 2001. Later her son developed pronounced behaviors and epilepsy that compounded his challenges. Michelle recognized a lack of adequate support for families with children who possess severe behavioral challenges and understands the immense struggles parents who have children with complex disabilities face. Consequently, she is a strong advocate for supports for parents and individuals with behavioral challenges. Michelle consistently translates her passion and tenacity for assisting those with developmental disabilities and their families into involvement and action. Michelle is a Support Parent as well as a Board member for Parent to Parent of NYS and feels that being able to reach out and connect with other parents is essential. She worked as a Respite worker with those with profound behavioral challenges. She has been a member of several committees and currently is also council member and serves on the Executive Committee of the Region One Family Support Services Advisory Council. Furthermore, Michelle serves as a Lay Advocate and is also a graduate of the Partners in Policymaking class of 2015. Michelle’s personal experience, coupled with her service through multitude committees and organizational memberships, gives her a broad base of knowledge from which she is able to draw when working to understand and assist families. She is a valuable and accessible resource for parents with children who struggle with behaviors and those who have difficulty finding appropriate supports. Consistently dedicated to advocating for families and individuals, Michelle seeks to proactively expand access and quality of services for families and individuals who are most in need and feels that Homesteads for Hope aligns with her vision of effortless inclusion and acceptance for people of all abilities.

Kristin Merrick, Board Member

  • Kristin is a relative to the founding family and an aunt to a niece with cerebral palsy.  Helping people is not only personal, but where she focuses her career as well.  Kristin is an attorney with Faraci Lange, LLC and focuses her practice on helping wrongfully injured people in our community.  She received her law degree from Syracuse University College of Law in 2011 and her bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo in 2008.  Prior to her work with Faraci Lange, LLC, Kristin served as an Assistant District Attorney for Monroe County.  She is motivated to help people with all abilities have the opportunity to be fully inclusive in our community and to give the families of these individuals peace of mind that their loved ones are being given an opportunity to be included, cared for and a chance to make the most of their abilities.  Kristin is one of our newer members on the board and oversees sponsorships.

Jeanne Ricigliano, Board Member

  • Jeanne has over 35 years of experience working in partnership with students with disabilities, their families, schools, community providers that stemmed from her own daughters diagnoses. Her career has focused on assuring all stakeholders are provided with the information they need to assist in preparing for the complex and exciting transition planning process. Jeanne has experience in teaching, consulting, program development, Person Centered Planning facilitation, and Person Centered Planning training. Jeanne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a concentration in Adolescent 7-12 from Robert Wesleyan College. She had created her own position at BOCES #1 as a Parent Partner providing family to family support, trainings and information and referral for up to 70 school districts within the New York State Education Department to advocate for and access services within the school and adult service system and in the communities in which people lived. Most recently Jeanne was teaching in a Community based classroom for students’ ages 18-21 preparing students and their families for the challenging and exciting move from school to life after high school. Jeanne believes students need to understand their gifts, strengths and abilities as well as how to find strategies to break down barriers. Ms. Ricigliano brings a board range of experience and credentials that make her an asset for proper transitioning skills for those Homesteads for Hope wishes to serve. She currently has been a board member for 2 years and our favorite devil’s advocate, bringing all viewpoints to the table.

Paul Montanarello, Board Member

Auxiliary Board

Austin Retzlaff - Marketing Intern

Advisory Council

Andrew Gallina, President of Gallina Development

Andrea Lista, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Exstention 

Charlie Hammerman, President of The Disability Opportunity Fund

Daniella "Dani" Polidor: ASID, Realtor and Owner of City Sense Roc

Mike Baum, Trustee at Maxine Davidson Foundation

Tammy Pillsbury, Risk Advisor at Marshall & Sterling Insurance

Tim Dobbertin, Assistant Superintendant of Programs at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

Sue Piotrowski, President & Owner of Badfish Consulting, LLC