Our Story

We are the Charles “Chucky” Brongo Family, mom Luann and sister Jennyrae from Gates, NY. After many years of raising a son and brother with autism, we were inspired to create a place where families and individuals like ours in the community could go to, to be truly accommodated through effortless inclusion. Homesteads for Hope vision was founded in 2011 when Chucky visited the existing farm and was immediately captivated by the serenity and peacefulness. Chucky who presented with behaviors previously, became calm in this new environment. We found HOPE. 

Chucky was diagnosed with autism around age 2 ½ and often relate it to a light bulb going out. He stopped making eye contact, lost his desire for affection, and stopped talking. Our family has gone through the ups and downs of finding early intervention services, adequate supports while in school, and additional help at home. Chucky was a happy-go-lucky kid, until he began transitioning through puberty. With his lack of communication skills, this new major change in his life led him to develop what we now know to be SIBS: Self Injurious Behaviors. We spent many years in and out of hospitals, and in out-of-state treatment facilities trying to "fix" Chucky. We met many other families along our journey, who had similar and often lengthier histories and everyday challenges. The year 2011, for our family, was the hardest year of all - we lost Dad and now we had to fight these battles as three people and no longer as a family of four. Within one year of Dad's passing, sister Jenny founded Homesteads for Hope, to provide our family and yours.... Hope. Please join us, as we create an intentional agriculture-style community and provide a special place to learn, work, live and grow!