Register for Fall Programs below, classes are limited to 10 participants in each session:


Additional Information for Farm Programs:

Who is this Program For?

-          Ready! Set! Work! (RSW) serves young adults ages 18+ regardless of ability to “Learn to Work” in natures classroom. This is a Vocational Style Program where Apprentices have a rotation of classes and hands on learning and that includes working in the Farm Store. Those who successfully attend the program, may apply for a Weekend Employment working in the Farm Store.

-          Social Garden Experience serves adults over the age of 18+ regardless of ability and allows many to enjoy the accessible gardens on site! This is a great opportunity for all – including seniors and veterans.

Additional Staff?

-          Homesteads for Hope has a Farm Manager, Farm Teacher, Program Coordinator and many volunteers who help facilitate each program session. At this time, we do require a SideKick staff to be accompanied with them to Ready Set Work, Farm Explorers and Social Garden experiences. The mission is to GROW the apprentices, which will lead to not needing a SideKick in the future.

-          WHAT IS A SIDEKICK STAFF? Homesteads for Hope calls staff that comes with the apprentices a “SideKick” because even Batman needs a Robin. The goal of the sidekick is to assist the accompanied apprentice with further direction to complete their tasks.


-          Homesteads for Hope currently does not have any specific transportation availability. We do have very local students whom attend regularly – between programs, classes and membership and Homesteads for Hope has facilitated a few pick-ups in the morning. This type of support would need to be figured out before program start date by contacting office staff. We can not promise we can offer this type of opportunity, but we will try to create a solution for the student.