Summer Community Classes

A Day At Homesteads for Hope: H4H is an intentional educational and vocational Community Farm, offering seasonal person-centered holistic programs for all individuals regardless of ability. This personalized approach to continuous learning builds upon unique indivudal strengths and encourages each participant to grow and improve in their own way. All class offerings, whether on or off campus, will be held in supportive and community collaborative enviornments that we create along with our many local partners. 

  • Classes are designed to support integrated concepts of blended learning by utilizing student' poreffered modalities, technology, and real time practical activities to promote skills mastery.

  • Choices and interests govern H4H community farm experiences and are open to all abilities.

  • Three distinctive sessions will be held during and throughout the day to accomodate all types of schedules

  • Continuous development of classes will rotate according to seasonal activity and the many community events on the farm

  • Classes are held both ON and OFF site within the community and have a flex rotation with a fluid schedule


Community Farm Experience

Learn the many skills of agriculture that a working farm has to offer. Including greenhouse propagation, planting in the fields, composting, animal, husbandry, product manufacturing, harvesting, and gaining skills in the General Store and Farm Market.

Date: Monday - Friday

Time: 9am - Noon

Cost: Full Session $90

Community Social Interaction Experience

Join in on the fun at the farm or out in the greater community through unique experiences with new friends. Activities include Health / Wellness, Outdoor Recreation, Social Events, Day Trips and More!

Date: Monday - Friday

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Cost: Full Session $60

Individual Classes Available