Founder, Jennyrae Brongo does a TED Talk in Rochester called:

"A Place Where We All Belong" 

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Jennyrae Brongo considers herself a Dream Builder – As a young entrepreneur, sister to autism, woman in construction and founder of Homesteads for Hope Community Farm, she believes all her life’s work is for one common mission – to build sustainable community. Her vision came to life in the form of a collaborative construction community, a community farm and sustainable housing for young adults with autism. Jennyrae Brongo is a Rochester, New York native and the owner of Brongo Contracting & Supply. She is also the founder of Homesteads for Hope, a nonprofit organization founded in May of 2013. Homesteads for Hope is dedicated to the support of young adults with autism and their families, offering a welcoming community environment. In 2016, Homesteads for Hope purchased a fifty-five-acre historic farm in Ogden, New York, which has since transformed into the community’s permanent home. Jennyrae continues to support and improve this venture, positively impacting the lives of countless young adults with autism and their families. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


The Homesteads Family: Growing Hope For The Entire Community

Homesteads for Hope cannot be successful without the community’s support. The farm relies heavily on the Spencerport and surrounding communities for volunteers, fundraising, and the donation of materials and equipment. So far, the support has been overwhelming. To date, the farm has reined in over 250 people to help get the farm ready for this spring’s community classes. These volunteers helped tear down the old greenhouse and build the new one; clean up the lawn and landscape; clean the barns; and recycle scrap metal and electronics. Homesteads for Hope is grateful for the support it has received so
far, including help from other area farms. Jennyrae is quick to point out that this is a community farm. “The family isn’t just us anymore,” she says. “This is everybody’s farm.”


'Forever Homestead' Nearly a Reality Thanks To Community

At a scenic pumpkin patch just outside Rochester, members of the community, from families with kids looking for the perfect Jack-O-Lantern to a local pig farmer stocking up on feed for the winter, are happy the Forever Homestead is showing signs of life.


Homesteads for Hope Has a New Home

Their mission is to help as many people as possible and to build a community farm so that people of all abilities can plant, sow, learn and work together.


Ogden Officer Rescues Owl at Community Farm

Representatives at Homesteads for Hope, a nonprofit working with those with intellectual disabilities, called the state Department of Environmental Conservation from the organization's Ogden location Tuesday about an owl hanging from a tree by its wing near the Erie Canal.



A Sisters Dream: Homesteads for Hope

Inspired by her family’s struggle with autism, Jennyrae Brongo conceives a farming-based residential community for people with special needs.

Unique Agricultural Community would Reach out to Special Need Adults

The Organization is currently leasing Robert Brongo’s 55-acre farm, located on Manitou Road along the Erie Canal, for Homesteads for Hope, a non-profit community farm.


The Creative Lens of Autism: Homesteads for Hope

The power of Jennyrae Brongo is that she is the sibling, not the parent.  She has a different perspective that stands apart from us that are raising our children.  Her energy and her perseverance amazes me.

Homesteads for Hope Wins $10,000 as Second Place Winner in Ty Pennington Contest

With over 300 contestants competing for the grand prize of $50,000 and the celebrity’s help for the day, Homesteads for Hope placed 2nd winning $10,000 towards their charity


Homesteads for Hope is named in Top 6 semi finalist for Guaranteed Rates Ultimate Give Back Challenge 

Guaranteed Rate, one of the ten largest retail mortgage lenders in the U.S., announced the six finalist projects in its first annual “Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge,” a nationwide search for people and organizations who are leading projects that make meaningful impacts in their communities. The company is giving away $100,000 plus home improvement expert Ty Pennington’s help for a day to the best community improvement projects that were submitted through the Challenge’s Facebook app.

WEMOCO Grad Hits the Ground Running

Brongo is hoping the future of her business includes training a workforce that will help create homes and environments for special needs individuals, another population served by BOCES 2.