Homesteads for Hope

Founding Farmer Charles "Chucky" Brongo working in the greenhouse

Founding Farmer Charles "Chucky" Brongo working in the greenhouse

Homesteads for Hope (H4H) is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Farm creating effortless inclusion with a distinctive place to learn, work, live and grow for people of all abilities in the Greater Rochester region.

Homesteads for Hope was founded in May of 2013 by a mother and daughter team, Luann and Jennyrae, who are raising a transitioning young adult, Chucky, with autism. 

H4H offers a unique Community Farm experience that promotes skills-training, socialization, self-awareness and career exploration on an organically practiced farm; offering effortless inclusion with its many collaborative partnerships within the greater community. As the demand for self-directed and inclusive community services continues to rise, particularly for young adults, Homesteads for Hope will provide high quality services to people of all abilities. 




A Place Where We All Belong

Homesteads for Hope has come a long way in less than three years and is building momentum every day. The organization has successfully operated two seasonal farm vocational pilot programs since 2014, as well as, hosted community outreach events and fundraisers. Homesteads for Hope was selected as a second place winner of $10,000 in Ty Pennington's "Ultimate Neighborhood Give Back Challenge" sponsored by Guaranteed Rate Give Back Challenge in 2014. In August of 2016, with support from support of the Disability Opportunity Fund, H4H purchased the a one-of-a kind 55-acre historic farm located on the Erie Canal in Ogden, NY. The entire community stepped up and the team hit the ground running with the launch of Phase I: The Forever Homestead. The current focus is on  the renovation to the barns, the estate home and the development of community classes set to launch officially in Spring of 2017.

Our Mission

Our mission at Homesteads for Hope is to develop sustainable lifestyles, environments, and futures by creating an inclusive community to serve all individuals without distinction. 

  • The person-centered lifestyle will be sustained by the individual with additional supports within the natural community to create measurable outcomes.

  • The person-centered environment will educate the individual to become as self-sufficient as possible and a meaningful part of their community.

  • The person-centered future will ensure self-direction, quality of life, purpose, and a forever homestead that always offers an open door.

Our Vision

Our vision at Homesteads for Hope is to develop a replicable, intentional agricultural-style community that offers effortless inclusion with a distinctive place to learn, work, live and grow.

Phase I Development

The Forever Homestead is the renovation of historic barns and estate home to create a sustainable center for community classes, vocational training and respite services. 

Phase II Development

The Farm Expansion will serve more people by creating additional programs & services through the development of a public venue, with the creation of micro enterprises including a general store, cafe and marina. 

Phase III Development

The Homesteads Village is the development of a 30-acre residential housing community offering a continuum of options to accommodate people of all abilities. 

We Found The Perfect Homestead, Help us Grow!